Top Dividend Paying Mutual Funds
Scheme Name Launch Date Trailing 3 year Annual Dividend Yield (Distribution yield) Period Range Dividend History
ICICI Prudential Multicap Fund - IDCW 01-10-1994 7.82% 25-02-2021 To 26-02-2024
Sundaram Multi Cap Fund (Formerly Known as Principal Multi Cap Growth Fund)- Half Yearly Income Distribution CUM Capital Withdrawal Option 02-01-2013 6.24% 25-02-2021 To 26-02-2024
Baroda BNP Paribas MULTI CAP FUND - Regular Plan - IDCW Option 12-09-2003 4.35% 25-02-2021 To 26-02-2024
Mahindra Manulife Multi Cap Fund - Regular Plan - IDCW 04-05-2017 4.13% 25-02-2021 To 26-02-2024
Nippon India Multi Cap Fund - IDCW Option 28-03-2005 3.02% 25-02-2021 To 26-02-2024

Trailing Annual Dividend Yield is defined as the ratio of aggregate trailing per unit dividends over the period to the current NAV, divided by the number of the years in the period.